Metal fairy door
Modern copper fairy door for sale
Modern copper fairy door for sale
Deshca Designs

Modern copper fairy door for sale

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Deshca Designs are pleased to market this unique fairy door. Situated wherever you put it, this fairy door is perfect for any fairies into mod cons as it comes with a satellite dish through which they can receive all their favourite programs. On offer with NO CHAIN. Ready to move into immediately. Can only be opened by fairies.

This delightful door is ready to be added into a lovely home. The door can be placed at floor level or hung on a wall via the hook on the rear (as all fairy's can fly, access at height is not a problem). 

  • No Onward Chain
  • Low Maintenance Property
  • Flame Coloured
  • Coated with Lacquer
  • Flowers on the Doorframe
  • Toadstools Free of Charge
  • Satellite Dish
  • 8" X 7" in Size