Metal fairy door
For sale, fairy door
For sale, fairy door
Deshca Designs

For sale, fairy door

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Deshca Designs are pleased to market this unique arched fairy door. Situated wherever you put it, this fairy door offers the discerning fairy a superb opportunity to access their fairy realm. On offer with NO CHAIN. Ready to move into immediately. Can only be opened by fairies.

This door offers a pleasant access to the fairy world. Features a green dragon's eye for protection from unwanted guests and a watering can for the more horticultural fairy. The door can be placed at floor level or hung on a wall via the hook on the rear (as all fairy's can fly, access at height is not a problem). 

  • No Onward Chain
  • Low Maintenance Property
  • Flame Coloured
  • Coated with Lacquer
  • Flowers on the Doorframe
  • Toadstools Free of Charge
  • Watering Can for Watering the Flowers
  • 8" X 8" in Size