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Copper Bee Bath and Butterfly Feeder - Attract Beneficial Pollinators to Your Garden

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This Copper Bee Bath and Butterfly Feeder is an ideal way to attract beneficial pollinators to your garden. Its copper construction is durable and long-lasting while providing a safe and inviting environment for bees and butterflies. Install this feeder to help restore beneficial pollinator populations and increase flower and vegetable production.

The unique design makes it both practical and visually appealing for year round interest. The three small fluted dishes are intertwined on a single stem and it’s designed with the large one intended as the bee bath (comes with a random selection of smooth stones to give the pollinators something to land on so they don’t drown). The two smaller dishes are intended to add food to feed butterflies. Simply push the hollow stem into the ground or a plant pot in the desired location. 

The copper dishes have been flame coloured and coated with lacquer. 

How to use:

  • Fill the larger bee bath dish with fresh water
  • Add a few drops of honey, sugar water or rotting fruit to the smaller dishes (you can freeze a banana and then put some slices in)
  • Place the bee bath and butterfly feeder in a spot among the flowers in your garden

Size approximately 40cm high and the three dishes measure approximately 5cm, 8cm and 10cm.

Please note that the photographs are for illustration purposes only as being handmade each one will vary slightly, but you will receive an item made to the same high standard.

Customer Reviews

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shona farquhar
beautiful and well made

Bought as a gift but will be back to get one for myself when they're back in stock!


They look beautiful, very pleased as bought as a present