Welcome to the Deshca Designs website, the online home of metal sculpture artist, Shaun Jeffrey.

My creative journey began at a young age, where at school my favourite subjects were the design in metalwork and art classes. After leaving school, my creative flair took another route as I progressed onto creating with words, writing novels and short stories in the thriller and horror genre.

But my passion for metalwork never faded, and I started making copper sculptures as a hobby a few years ago. Over time my skill improved and I started selling my work. Since then I've sold all over the world and completed many commissions.

Inspired by nature, I now love making unique pieces of copper art for the homes and gardens of discerning buyers.

When making a sculpture, it’s sometimes hard to envision the final piece when you’re faced with a collection of disparate metal pieces, but there comes a point when brazing the pieces together where the sculpture actually comes to life, starting to look like what it’s supposed to be. The work finally lives when it’s cleaned, flame painted and lacquered. 

A lot of people purchase copper work for their 7th wedding anniversary, and copper calla lilies are very popular in this respect, but copper is such a warm, enduring metal that it’s fantastic for any occasion. So whether it’s for a metal sculpture garden or a unique wall art sculpture, there’s sure to be something for everyone, whatever the budget.

Plus, if there’s something you’d like commisioned, please contact me to discuss it.

Shaun Jeffrey